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Top Ammo Manufacturers In USA

Choosing the right ammunition brand is always a matter of personal preference. The term ammunition can be traced back to the mid-17th century. The history of ammunition can be traced back to the invention of fireworks around 900 AD. The Chinese developed a black gunpowder that was composed of Charcoal, Saltpeter, and Sulfur. Ammunition used in firearms dates back as far as the late 13th Century. Ammo in the U.S. started with the Springfield Armory – the primary arsenal during the American Revolutionary War, scouted and approved by George Washington himself in 1777.

Here's a brief synopsis of brands we carry that are made in America. Check out the reputation of the brand with your particular firearm, and then make sure it functions well for you. Choose the top brand ammunition for Rifle ammo, Handgun & more. A brand that rigorously tests their ammo as it comes off the line, you stand the best chance of getting an ammo worth shooting time and time again.

  • Winchester ammunition logo


    Founded in 1866,Winchester manufactured the guns that won the west, and they were the first partner of "the Edison of guns" Mr. John Browning himself. Winchester ammo can be found around the world in their signature white and red ammo boxes. Rifle, shotgun, handgun and rimfire 22lr ammo, they make it all in almost every caliber imaginable. The primary Winchester ammunition factories are located in East Alton, Illinois and Oxford, Mississippi. Popular Winchester variants include Super-X, Defender, and Match ammunition.

  • Hornady


    The Hornady ammunition company was founded by Joyce Hornady in 1940. The company began by salvaging surplus ammunition and spent casings from WWII and repurposing it for hunting and target shooting purposes. Today the Hornady factory is located in Grand Island, Nebraska. Hornady is available in all four primary ammunition types, and popular product lines include Critical Defense, Superformance, and American Whitetail.

  • Remington Logo


    Remington is another famous american manufacturer of American firearms and ammunition. The Remington Arms Company was founded in 1816 in New York, and it holds the distinction of one of the longest continually operating manufacturers in America. Popular variants include Core-Lokt, Premier, and Hypersonic loads.

  • Nosler Ammunition


    Nosler is an ammunition brand specializing in rifle and handgun ammunition. Founded in 1946, the company was started by John Nosler after a failed hunting expedition. Nosler's plant is located in Bend, OR and popular product lines include Ballistic Tip, Match Grade, and Trophy Grade.

  • Federal Premium Ammunition


    Federal Premium Ammunition is another true American original ammunition. In 1922, Charles Horn purchased a small factory in Anoka, Minnesota and began an aggressive marketing plan for his ammunition. Federal Premium is still located in Anoka today, and they make all four primary types of ammunition. Popular product lines by Federal Premium include Premium Personal Defense, V-Shok and American Eagle.

  • Cascade Cartridge Inc


    CCI, or Cascade Cartridges Inc., was founded by mechanical expert Dick Speer in 1951. CCI is located in Lewiston, Idaho just like his brother's company Speer, and their popular product lines include Mini-Mag, Stinger, and Quik-Shok. Today CCI is a leader in rimfire ammunition, and they also produce centerfire pistol ammunition in select calibers.

  • Speer Ammunition


    Vernon Speer was the founder of Speer ammunition. He begins making his mark on the ammunition market by making bullets in 1943.Vernon was a pioneer of rifle bullets for hunting. Headquartered in Lewiston, Idaho, Speer Ammunition is the favorite of law enforcement professionals around the globe.

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