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Providing free on-site removal in Southern California when disposing of unwanted ammunition with Ammo Guy – legal, hassle-free, and safe choice for old ammo disposal.

How Can We Assist You? (714) 809-2022

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How Can We Assist You? (714) 809-2022

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Your Partner for Old Ammo Disposal in SoCal

Ammo Guy offers SoCal residents a reliable solution for disposing of unwanted ammunition. With our mobile service, we'll come to you, ensuring the safe and legal removal of your unwanted ammo. 


Your Unwanted Ammo, Safely Removed on Location.


Complementary Ammunition Disposal Service.


Legal Solution for Disposing of Unwanted Ammunition.

Why Choose Ammo Guy

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A Service For Non-Experts

We simplify the process of disposing of unwanted ammo for those unfamiliar with its safe management. Rely on us to take care of those rounds you're uncertain about. Our service caters to non-experts, providing a safe and convenient solution for responsible ammo disposal.

On-Site Assistance

Concerned about ammo transportation and handling associated with old ammo disposal? With Ammo Guy, there's no need to be. We come directly to your location, providing a professional on-site service that takes the stress out of disposing of unwanted ammunition.

Sustainable Approach

Don't let old bullets harm our environment in landfills. At Ammo Guy, we ensure responsible disposal by recycling spent casings, repurposing viable rounds, and ensuring illegal ammunition is handed to law enforcement for proper destruction.

Lawful Disposal

As a licensed ammunition supplier certified by the California DOJ, Ammo Guy provides SoCal residents a legal avenue for disposing of unwanted ammunition. We strictly adhere to all state, local, and federal guidelines, partnering with Orange County law enforcement for trusted, lawful disposal. State License # 24254.

Disposing of Unwanted Ammunition Made Easy

With our free on-site ammo removal, disposing of unwanted ammunition has never been easier for SoCal residents. Get rid of old ammo in just three simple steps with our complementary disposal service.


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We Come to You

We'll come to you at your scheduled pickup time, safely and legally removing all unwanted ammunition. 

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Proudly Serving Orange County & Neighboring Areas

At Ammo Guy, we understand the importance of proper ammo disposal in California. Serving Orange County, Los Angeles,  and the wider Southern California area, we provide safe on-site ammo pickups. We're here to ensure SoCal residents have a trusted solution in their locality.

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