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Ammunition Disposal

With our safe ammunition disposal service for Orange County residents, we will come to your home to legally remove and safely dispose of old ammunition at no cost.

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Ammunition Disposal Service

Based in Orange County, our secure ammunition disposal service was established to provide local residents in OC with a safe, legal and stress-free option for ammo disposal. Today, our ammo disposal services have expanded to encompass Los Angeles and the greater SoCal region. Whether you've inherited a stockpile of unwanted ammo or are simply looking to safely dispose of old ammunition that's been gathering dust, we're here to assist. Recognizing that many police stations or shooting ranges might decline larger amounts of ammunition, we step in, guaranteeing not just legal and safe disposal, but also peace of mind

Safely Dispose of Old Ammunition With Ammo Guy

We will come directly to your location in Southern California with our ammunition disposal services, so you don't have to worry about unloading, removing, or transporting your unwanted ammunition for disposal.

We offer assistance for those unfamiliar with ammo and its safe handling. If you find yourself with ammunition you wish to dispose of and aren't sure about the proper procedure, please contact us for professional on-site assistance at no cost.


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In California, the rules around ammo disposal, ownership, and storage are particularly strict. Rely on our expertise to help you safely dispose of old ammunition.

Ca DOJ seal, certified Safe ammunition disposal service for disposing of unwanted ammunition

Legal & Safe Ammunition Disposal Service

We work closely with Orange County enforcement to provide a trusted, safe, and legal ammunition disposal service that is in total compliance with all state and federal ammo laws. 

State License # 24254

Looking to Dispose of Old Ammunition Safely? 

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Ammunition Disposal Service

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John McCabe owner of Ammo Guy in Orange County

About Ammo Guy

While working in the Firearm Industry John routinely heard from clients and friends how they were having trouble finding ammunition in a certain caliber or at a fair price. 

With over 40+ years of shooting and hunting experience John started helping customers including Boys Scout Troops and local Gun Ranges in sourcing ammunition. He quickly earned the nickname "Ammo Guy".

In 2022 it became official when Ammo Guy, LLC was established. With a commitment to excellent customer service, Ammo Guy plans on helping the shooting and hunting community for years to come

Brands We Represent

Federal Premium Ammunition
Cascade Cartridge Inc
PMC Ammunition
Browning Ammunition
Freedom Munitions
PMC Ammunition
Underwood Ammo
Speer Ammunition
Aguila Ammunition
Nosler Ammunition

What our clients are saying...

John kept me supplied with shotgun shells through the dark days of covid. He resisted the opportunity to price gouge knowing how much I shot.

-Alan S.

“Myself being a fairly new gun owner, the Ammo Guy was the best place to go. John is super friendly and helpful. He took extra time to answer any questions I had. His shop has a large variety of inventory for a great price. I am a customer for life.”

-Brian Q.

“John McCabe has been a reliable source for hard to find items and has excellent communications skills when coming across items that maybe of interest to me.  All of my transactions with him have been pleasant and he is easy to do business with.”  

-Tuyen D.

"I was able to go to John's shop and pick up lots of supplies I needed for my rifles. He was very helpful and had everything I needed at great prices. He is one of the most honest and friendly suppliers I've worked with. It was a pleasure to visit his place and pick out what I needed. He has so much inventory I'm sure I'll be back."

-Jeff R.

"I have known John for a while now. He is a very fair and honest business man. Not only is he always very patient, and understanding, but he also always conducts business as a gentleman, with a smile. I highly recommend  doing business with him, you won’t be disappointed, instead you will be highly impressed."

-Peter M.