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Ammo Guy Offers Safe Ammo Disposal In Orange County

Let Us Remove your unwanted ammo

Many Orange County families possess old ammunition collections passed down through generations. Storing such ammo, especially with children around, is often a source of worry for those unfamiliar with its safe handling. Our Orange County ammo disposal service is designed to address such concerns, taking the guesswork out of proper disposal.

We will come directly to your home in Orange County to securely remove your unwanted ammunition—completely free of charge.

Safe storage, ownership and disposal of ammunition is crucial. If you are unsure how to properly dispose of your unwanted ammo, please contact us. As a certified ammunition supplier, Ammo Guy is legally authorized by the California Department of Justice to accept ammunition from citizens. Collaborating with local Orange County law enforcement agencies, we ensure each piece of surrendered ammunition is handled with the highest standards of care and safety.

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Where Can You dipsose of ammo in orange county?

In Orange County, hazardous waste centers do NOT accept ammo, and disposing of bullets in the trash is illegal in California. Some local OC police or sheriff's departments may accommodate small "personal-use" amounts of ammunition. You can call the non-emergency number of your local law enforcement office to inquire about their policies.

Or anyone in Orange County can call Ammo Guy at (714) 809-2022 for professional on-site ammo disposal pickup at no cost.

Avoid Common Ammo Disposal Missteps:

Orange County Household hazardous waste collection centers do NOT accept ammunition.

Discarding Ammunition in the trash is illegal in california.

Proper Methods Of Ammunition Disposal:

Surrender ammo to Orange County law enforcement.

Proudly Serving Orange County

Our Orange County ammo disposal service provides families with a safe and easy solution for legally disposing of any type of old or unwanted ammunition. From unused cartridges and live ammo to old shotgun shells, we ensure the safe and lawful removal of these potentially hazardous items.

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